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Customize Blogger Comment System Continue's

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I have posted a few of how to customize you comment system because sometimes we bloggers did not take notice the comment section whereas it is one of the important part of blogging, we read comments, we leave comments and that's one of part where we can discuss things and even make your blog popular.
I would like to share you a recap of my post and i will also give a few links of where you can learn a few tricks.

Here are the list of my post about comment section, i hope you will learn from them and fine it useful.
This list will make your comment section better than add a few more customization and soon you will have a wordpress or other professional like comment section here are the additional like to make it look more better.
  1. Randomness Toturials - Styling your comments Area, Numbering Comments
  2. Blogger Busters Tutorial - (Add Comment Avatar) Mybloglog Comment Avatar Hacks
I hope this list helps you learn of how to customize, tweak and make your comments section look more professional.

Using all of this tips and hacks, you can see the demo here in my blog... browse my comment section and you will see what i mean.

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Raquel said... at 13/10/08 01:28

Hi there, thank you for sharing this tips. When I have the chance, I will apply this feature in my blog.

Trikkk said... at 13/10/08 05:22

thanks for this usefull post..maybe i will make it on my blog

Amanda Leigh said... at 14/10/08 14:29

I will blogger didn't default to not allow websites like mine to comment. By default you have to have either a blogger account or a subdomain blog. It's annoying. But this is neat. I didn't know you could customize it.

Gem said... at 14/10/08 18:08

Thats me with the arrow on the pic! Hehehe!

I love to have that hack on my newly-changed template on one of my blogs.

I was also trying to see whether it is possible to use profiles instead of MyBloglog hack. As you see, those who left comments above do not have their own MyBloglog accounts.

I guess no one figured that out. I've been using Google for that hack, by the way. =)

tahtimbo said... at 23/10/08 17:47

Thanks, it's late now, but I plan to come back later and try this. You have just given me ANOTHER thing to do. I'll swing by after I try it and let you know. Thanks again:)

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