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How not to Show your Post Date when you make your About Me Page

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When we blog, we want our site to be accommodating as possible. We want to make sure that we provide what our readers want for them to keep coming back and one of that we need to place in our blog is contact page, although there are many ways to contact the site owner but we want it to be more easier and we don't want to waste time of our readers -- of course you need to place the about page aswell, we need to let our readers know who is behind the blog. What stopping of blogspot dot com user of doing this is the inability of creating a separate page like Wordpress does.

Fortunately, we have particular webmaster who managed to find ways to work around this problem so bloggers users can now enjoy and place a page they like, Technically Easy have a very clever way to create a page using your post, He explains how to create a static page without showing the post date,if you miss it you can follow the steps here.

Follow this easy steps:
  1. Create a normal post. Type the information you want to provide for your readers -- Use this for your about me page, contact page or any other pages you want to show.
  2. When your done, scroll down until you get to the "Post Options" click them and you will see the options.
  3. Under Reader Comments click Don't Allow.
  4. Under Backlinks click Don't Allow.Post date and time: I place mine on the day i started my blog.
  5. When you think everything are in order and your ready to publish then click publish.
Now that everything is ready and created, we will then follow this easy steps to prevent the post date from being displayed (Hide the post date of your page).
  1. Go to your Dashboard, then click the Layout.
  2. Click the Edit HTML to display the layout in HTML.
  3. Make sure you tick the box to Expand Widget Template, this will display the code of each widget.
  4. We need to look for this code <data:post.dateHeader/> -- to make it easier for you find and save time hit Ctrl+F then place the code above.
  5. Before that line place this code:
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>

To wrap it up and to finish this...again hit Ctrl+f and type this code:

after that code or below the post date code, include this last code to close the html

and your done, save your template

This is how it going to look in your html.

This is to instruct blogger to only display the post date if comment are allowed. since you disable the comment in your about me page or whatever post you made earlier that won't display the date and you have now a nice and pages that won't display date more professional and well designed site page.

Now, if you don't know how to make your contact page and navigation button you might be interested to my post Steps on how to create your contact page and navigation button.

I hope you find this post useful and i would like to once again thanks Technically Easy for this tips and tricks i find it very useful for every blogspot users.

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mystique said... at 27/10/08 12:54

hey! nice post..this is really a great help for a newbie like me...will try this one out on my blog ;)

Natural said... at 2/11/08 05:44

Is there anyway not to show your post date for your posts. I've seen this around on a few blogs. Why don't I want to show my date, because I post once a week if that.

Anywho, nice blog you have here, great info I can use. I love tips and helpful hints.

Natural said... at 2/11/08 05:45

Is there a way not to show your post date on your posts?

Iris said... at 2/11/08 13:59

Hi! Natural,

Yes, you can just go to your page elements, then look at the blog post page element then click edit then tick the element your don't like to show then save.

The first element is the date format, all you have to do is un-tick it then of post is not showing anymore.

I hope this helps.


Eksuterru-kun said... at 7/11/08 18:15

thanks! this is really helpful now i can make some pages which won't seem like posts.

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