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Wallpaper for Grab

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I just started learning Photoshop, I have them for quite a while but i just use them for some thing but today i want to make my own wallpaper and i like the result. I follow some steps of tutorial and add a few details in it.

I would like to share this, if you are interested you can grab them for free, Just click and save image as then load.

below are the two that i learned today.

.... here is the other one

Please let me know of what you think.. leave a comment aswell if you grab it for your desktop.

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Laurie B. said... at 18/10/08 01:10

There are really great! I say that about designing DAILY! I'll be grabbing that one! Thanks a bunch. With gratitude, Laurie B.

Iris said... at 18/10/08 08:56

Thank you guys, i think i keep on posting of what i learned using photoshop.

Iris said... at 29/10/08 12:49

Hi! Das Kaninchen,

Sure, Here's where i learned them leaf


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