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List of Background for your Template

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Background added additional appeal to your template, the important you have in mind though is to have the right background; we can't just find an image and put them as background because it's colorful or you simply like the image but, instead choose a background that won't hurt the eyes of your readers because they can be destruction aswell.

I decided to post her a few resources of background images...they are my favorite either you like a textured background, colored or simply white it's all up to your just as long as it blend and won't scare your visitors.

Here are few resources of background that i like and you can have a look and even try them out.
  1. Barracuda Background - Woods which is very popular and used by some web designers, Papers, Fabric, Stones and more...explore the site and look which one you like the most.
  2. BgPatterns - Tiled Background - What i like with this is that you can choose the images, choose canvas so that it's not just plain, what color do you like, rotate the image if you like and you can also choose the location then apply the background so that you will get an idea of what it's going to look like in your template.
  3. Design Reviver - I love this site because not just cool background but you can get a lot of freebies to use for your project, even brushes, and fonts..have fun with this guys.
  4. bgmaker - Okay, if you like to design your own background this is for you, you can be as individual and unique as you can be.
  5. PixelDecor - Every Mama are going to love this site, i have a lot of favorite background here that are to funky, whimsy what else can you call them...i love the color combination and i love the patterns. Update: Please ask Jen of Pixel Decor to use them for private websites, and link to her site. They are *intended* for desktops.
  6. Squidfingers - Here's another source of lovely patterns 158 to choose from.
  7. - Same as barracuda you get the stone, woods and a lot more -- more then the barracuda and you can even find food background, if your template or site is about food why not try to find your background here.
  8. fractured sanity - another great resouce.
  9. Miss Jo - Another one just like PixelDecor but you have to pay for this wonderful background though but it's worth visiting because the images are worth paying looks really great.
  10. Kaliber10000 - Patterns everywhere, tartan, pixel you choose.
  11. Dromoscopio - Beautiful dark patterns...really look good for your design.
There so many background resources you can find online, there's still have more i love just like urban dirty, and grunge texture -- the bottom line of background is to not to scare your visitors and won't blind your readers make it simple yet attractive.

I hope you can find something that you like in the list and find this list useful.

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gLoR!e said... at 1/10/08 17:47

thanks for sharing the sites of background. I wouldn't know if my template is good for the eye of the blogger. i just like the color of all my blogs.:) please let me know if the color distract the visitors eyes!:)

Iris said... at 1/10/08 21:52

@Glorie - Kabayan at ka-cebuana, I like the color of your background too they are all cool in the eyes.

thanks for dropping by.

Jacqueline said... at 3/10/08 06:33

I love creative blogs with decorative backgrounds, but will it create a slower load time?

Iris said... at 4/10/08 09:38

@ Jacueline, So far i have noticed that it's not...i have visited a lot of creative sites which their site background with 1390px × 853px or more, some made using photoshop but never have any problem of loading their page.

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