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Removing the Firefox Dotted Links

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It is not a big deal really but it's good without the dotted lines. I am not sure if you have noticed it or not but i do.

When you click on the any links you may have notice a dotted outline, it appears around links when you click on any links this is the work of firefox. This is not creating any harm with your site though but if your a blogger like me i like it gone or dis-appear it looks better.

If you want them out aswell or want to stop the dotted outlines here's the simple thing to do. We just need to add outline:none to the a tag.

Go to your Dashboard then click Layout then Edit HTML place the code below:

a {
outline: none;
then save.

If your not sure where to place them, just click Ctrl+F then type a img then place the above code under it...please refer the image below for clarification.
you're done. It's simple, easy and bye-bye to that dotted outline.

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Beau71 said... at 30/9/08 03:42

Ironically, I never noticed this until I read this post. Great tip.

NathanKP said... at 1/10/08 03:58

Very nice tutorial. I knew how to remove borders using CSS, but I had never thought to use it on links.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

Iris said... at 1/10/08 10:57

Something new everyday guys :)

thanks for dropping by.

MarlyMS said... at 8/10/08 03:30

I have already noticed this in my blog but I just don't know how to remove it. Thanks for sharing this one IRis. I hope this will fix mine.

MarlyMS said... at 8/10/08 03:32

HOw about the cursor? It's always appear on my page even if I didn't click inside the page.

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