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Header Auction Winner

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Congratulation! to Jade for winning my Header Auction with closing amount of $2.75

It's my first auction and i would like to thanks Sasha, RT, Amanda and Jade for joining my auction. Although, there are only four who joined this auction i decided to continue if the communication will go without any problem with Jade and if she's happy with the auction.

I am planning to put an auction to one of the template i made, but will only start them once the first auction is finally delivered to Jade and she happy with it.

Once again, thank you guys for joining and i hope to see you again to my next Auction.

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Milan said... at 6/9/08 04:17

I just wandered through your blog and didn't find your auction.
Don't you think you should provide link to your main auction post in the post you talk about the auction?

Iris said... at 6/9/08 09:56

Hi! Milan, If you looked at my navigation menu it has auction in there. It's my mistake not to link the auction from my post sorry about that.

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