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Resources Tools that you must have to optimize your blog

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This is my old post but i decided to re-post them because my brother ask me about SEO and i thought he already knew about this because he's been blogging for quite a while -- so, i hope this help you aswell. We value our blog so much we ask question on how to optimize, how to get link, how to get more visibility from search engine and follow some tips about search engine optimization. No matter what the purpose of our blog either personal blog, share our interest, or we want to earn easy money, we still need to go more deeper and understanding is the big part of blogging. We need to know the in and out of our own blog site.

I have here a must interactive tools that help you understand more the needs of your blog site, this tools don't provide you an optimization per se, but this will check on the results of your optimization efforts.

Marketleap - provides an integrated set of optimization check, this is free to use and you will be able to check the three below:
  1. Link Popularity - which checks the number of incoming links to your blog/site. As we know this is one of the major key to get higher page rank.
  2. Search Engine Saturation - simply refers to the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain. This show you a graph pf how much is your search engine saturation...mostly can be used for search engine marketing campaigns.
  3. Keyword Verification - You can verify your site placement with the top search engines and directories, It's important to be in the top 3 pages of a search result because most people using search engines don't go past the 3rd page.....Make sure to use the keyword for checking is something you want to be found for (One of the keyword you put on your meta tag example: make money, earn easy money etc....).
Link Popularity Checker - This is an alternative to the marketleap. It going to show you the 5 search engines which is Google, MSN, AllTheWeb, Altavista and Teoma (Instead of Hotbot -- compare to the market leap).

Other resources which you can use to learn about optimization are forums to where the webmasters hang out and helping each other, tackle some issues and which much more focused on SEO and give more information. Sites where you can get more tips and read an articles where can help you learn more about optimization.

Webmasterworld and SearchEngineWorld- News and discussion and articles.
SEOConsultants - You will find various information about SEO including tips and tricks, Tutorials.

Understanding SEO is much more better than know nothing at all. When we blog we "DIY" our blog especially when we just start learning about blogging until the time that you are making enough money to pay for consultancy and professionals to Optimize you blog this resources are great tool to understand more and work more to get the high page rank and increase your site visibility.

I hope this help you in many way ... it does for me, i now know what particular keyword really put me at the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) when i use "make money" it did not put me in the search result but when i used the earn easy money this brings me at the first page of top 4 search engine results. Now i need to work on the other part of my optimization such as page saturation.

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Cyn said... at 6/2/08 06:44

good info. thanx for sharing. snagged your feed. your blog is worth the read!

Online Social Networking said... at 19/2/08 11:16

This is very helpful Iris.

Web analytics is a very important field today, and it's something that as SEO-oriented bloggers, we all need to learn to use.

Larry Brauner

moneyrush said... at 19/2/08 16:03

Hi! larry and cyn, thanks for the comment.

I think if we are very serious with our blog we need to learn and understand SEO, although it is going to take much of our time but it's worth of our time and effort and harvest the result in the end.

CyJen said... at 18/9/08 14:08

Thanks for the tips! Your post is very helpful especially to us new bloggers!

Olivier @ brainwave meditation said... at 20/9/08 07:26

I never heard of marketleap before. It is a great resource, and free. I know that at digitalpoint they have a similar free service. Maybe a good thing to compare both.

ravi said... at 22/9/08 20:26

its a great tool.i had just checked that out.
how to build links to other sites??
just by commenting or any other ways

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