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Long Post or Short Post?

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Short post or long post?. If you ask me i read a short post, especially when it's straight forward and direct to the point. I am not sure if most of bloggers are like me -- but while dropping Entrecard i read post as quick as possible and i read the first paragraph and the end of the post, i usually don't read the middle of the post unless i am very interested with the post and i have seen a lot of bloggers who knows how to write good short content (Keep It Short and Simple) and one thing aswell, When i see a long post, my mind automatically choose not to read the post unless the title of the post gets my attention.
Now, i would like to ask you:
  • Do you like to read a long post or do you like to read a short post?
  • What do you think of long post?
I don't know which one is advisable to write though, a long post or short post. For me i think keep it short and simple but meaty, say what you need to say -- no stop over, no useless paragraph (K.I.S.S is always effective) because every blogger who visited you site are busy bee and don't have the time to read a long post.

This is just my own opinion, :) i don't know about you? let me know.

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wongsk said... at 13/9/08 21:11

Normally i prefer writing short post cause i having my weblog reader sending email told me about that.

If having long post ,it must for tutorial. said... at 13/9/08 21:53

To borrow from Abe Lincoln, I think it was, a blog post should be long enough to reach the ground. (Abe was originally asked how long a person's legs should be.)

I read Twitters. I read short posts. I read long posts. What is frustrating is if the post is too short to get the message across, or so long that the message gets lost in excess verbiage.

That said, if you don't catch my attention when I quickly glance at the title and the first few sentences it doesn't matter how long or short the post is.

what about blog said... at 14/9/08 07:36

Short post! I have a very short attention span (like most of my generation, I suppose) - a great title and a straight to the point paragraph or two keeps my attention.

Eric said... at 14/9/08 08:57

Short post as a place holder. If the mood strikes you, then you can go back and beef up the post. If not, then you still have a decent post. Under pressure to write a "long" post every time will just make each post sound forced.

Iris said... at 14/9/08 09:44

@orient-lodge, i agree with you "if the post is too short to get the message across, or so long that the message gets lost in excess verbiage" I think it doesn't really matter as long as your post have a valid point and straight forward "excess verbiage" that's where kills your post i supposed.

Gypsiedream said... at 14/9/08 16:36

Oh my, I had to click to read more so for me that post was long....But I did follow it. I like short post, especially when dropping entrecards.

Udin said... at 14/9/08 20:23

I like short post, but it depends what topic are talking.

kRiZ cPEc said... at 14/9/08 22:14

I prefer short over long ones - unless the long ones are well written and meaty.

gLoR!e said... at 15/9/08 02:12

i like short post to avoid boring to the reader. I am into detail unless it is necessary. and yes it caught to my attention if the subject is informative and interesting iam willing to spend few minutes to that..when i do ec drop i usually read and if i like to comment that i leave and appreciate the writing:)

Iris said... at 15/9/08 08:15

@ Glorie,
I think you have a really valid point because i get sometimes bored of reading long post too especially when dropping maybe that is why i learn to cut reading start and end of the paragraph and i read other's comment aswell.

You commented in my post that means you appreciate my writing, i accept that compliment haha! :D

shaxx said... at 16/9/08 06:24

I would normally stay away from long post. If I really have to read one, I would read the first para and the scan the rest until the last para where I will continue reading... but in general, I will skip long posts....

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