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Fake Subscribers

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Subscriber count shows you have 1000 subscribers Wow! i like that -- but you only have one or two commenters what happen to your readers. I must admit that before, i joined Entrecard; I joined many social networking sites then i joined the groups exchange such as "i subscriber to your site, you subscribe to my site" You might ask me whats wrong with that? First, some other groups such us digg mine, i'll digg yours or technorati exchange and more is not much of a problem but what i find is the subscribers count.
As for me i would rather want to show the real count of my subscriber, If i only have 1 readers then that's fine because those are readers who really appreciate and wants to read my post. After a few months of joining Entrecard i get the chance to really visit sites, i learned to appreciate bloggers effort but i noticed some bloggers who shows their subscriber counts yet if you check their post not even single comment if not one or two...

I really admire those bloggers who are really honest, showing their feedburner subscribers count even it's zero and i even understand those bloggers who did not even shows the subscribers counts ... for me maybe because there is no reason to put them because theirs not much enough subscriber like my site or maybe they think that it is not enough count yet. Whatever the reason would be lets just leave it unless you want to share here by commenting.

In my own opinion which i am not sure if you agree (If not please leave your thought) that -- it is much more better to have the real count than looking ways to show fake subscriber counts just to impress visitors or readers because it is so obvious. Most of our visitors are like us (bloggers) and intelligent enough to notice and it drive them off away from your site. I visited one site before and it shows he have 1000+ subscribers shows in the feedburner count yet he only have one comment or none in every post so what does it says?

Please let me know what you think about this...i just want to share what i have noticed and what i think. If you dis-agree with what i say please leave a comment because i welcome corrections.

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Margaret said... at 17/9/08 22:51

I don't show the count because I don't care about it. If they're reading my blog in a feed, they have less incentive than ever to comment.

No, I am the "want two eyes on the page" club chairperson.

Feeds are for convenience. I will read the headlines in a feed, but don't want to read blog posts in one simply because the blogs I want to read are blogs I also tend to post comments on, so why make myself have to do extra work to do that comment or worse -- give my lazy self a built-in reason for skipping making it.


shaxx said... at 17/9/08 23:05

many people subscribed when they wanted to participate in a contest and when the contests are over, you will be left with a huge number in your feed counters and yet most of them are just ghosts...

Wongsk said... at 18/9/08 01:11

My weblog also got less comment.More than 90% of feedburner subscriber are from email subscriber.

If have comment,they just sent by email.They mentioned that this is the fastest way,no need browse weblog and leave the comment.

richard said... at 18/9/08 04:50

people also make screenshots of other peoples feedburner widget and use those.


Iris said... at 18/9/08 07:49

@Margaret - good point, feed are for convenience maybe that's one reason why some bloggers shows many readers yet less comments. therefore, i will conclude upon reading your comment that its better to encourage our readers or visitor to comment instead of subscribing isn't it?

@Shaxx - I agree with you, contest to get subscriber is not a good idea because it's forcing people to subscribe then after the contest it's over.

@Wongsk -- Comment sent by email, never heard of that until now haha! i love to read other people comment and if they won't comment in your page that never give other readers a chance to know what their point of view isn't it, for me i think it's better to encourage your readers to share their comment on the page instead of email.

@Richard -- Bloggers like them are people i want to stay away with because they are pretenders, fake and it gives me an impression that 50% of what they say are fake.

Paul said... at 19/9/08 19:12

I agree with you completely. The only reason I can think that people want to show such high subscriber count is to try to encourage advertisers to take them seriously. I don't know how many would be fooled by it though, especially if it is so obvious to those of us who aren't looking for a good investment to spend our advertising dollars. They keep doing it, so it must work some.

nukeit said... at 19/9/08 23:34

Some may view Entre dropping as fake traffic as well, but your article caught at least a few eye of the daily droppers.
To the guy that comes in from stumble or digg, that extra boost in numbers may be just the motivation he needs to actually take the time to subscribe.

free gum said... at 20/9/08 04:24

wow.. I'm one of them who didn't notice this kind of behaviour. Simply believe what its shown. thanks for pointing the issue.

However, my blog subscribers also not giving any comment on my post, but it simply because I only offer free samples, and they subscribe only to get the information about the newest free samples offers that often only valid for a limited time.

RIZE said... at 28/9/08 14:53

Ye aah ! You are right..
I also visited a Blog which is showing 200+ subscriber at first i thought he is using some image service like photobucket to upload this fake image but when i see the properties ..
I got shocked its src is feedburner..
Can't understand , i think feedburner get off the road some times..!!

drake said... at 17/4/09 01:20

One way to figure out if someone’s inflating their numbers is to check the number of comments they get per post. A high subscriber count and low number of comments would be suspicious except under certain circumstances, like if you write a blog about chronic shyness.

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