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Color and Your Personality

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I stumble this site today called color in motion and it's really cool. I found out the personalities of Purple which is obviously the color of my site, Purple's personality describes as follows:
  • Purple Personalities have sensitive eyes and mind.
  • You are proud of being artistic and enjoying art.
  • You have good mind and wit.
  • You have the ability to observe things which go unnoticed by others.
  • You are aloof, temperamental, introspective and refined.
  • Friends believe you are clever and capable of great things.
  • You are easy to live with.
  • You are specially polite but sarcastic at times.
  • You like to be admired and welcome compliments.
  • Purple personalities are conventional and tolerant.
  • You may be inclined to let the problem rest as they are.
  • Enjoy being extravagant every once in a while.
Isn't it great? and i can say that with what the personalities describe above shows some of my personalities and who i am -- moody and love art, easy to live with (I should ask my hubby about this easy to live with if it is true hehehe!), polite but sarcastic (I think that being sarcastic i learned from my hubby -- thank you honey! ) and more....

What about you? what color do you like? please let me know if it describe your own personalities aswell.

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Masked Rider Boogaloo said... at 3/9/08 22:36

Hi there! Nice blog! I guess I'm purple too! Most of the stuff you mentioned there matches my personality. Care to exchange lnks? I've already added yours onto my blog. It's Thanks!

Iris said... at 4/9/08 10:21

@Masked Rider Boogaloo, If you have added my site to your blogroll, it will automatically show your link -- if your using blogrolling that is!... i will check if not i will manually add your site. Thanks for the visit.


DeBorah Beatty said... at 8/9/08 11:30

Funny, after red, black and white for so long, I've just recently gone to purple on my main site, too.( I'm currently looking for a purple theme that's businessy enough for my blog site. Soon, I hope to tie the two together.

Iris said... at 8/9/08 11:55

@ DeBorah,

I just change mine to white again...look at here they have cool color scheme.

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