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The header auction did not go as i expected and i found that this is the dis-advantage because i can't tell of who are serious bidders and not...anyway, i still have the header and up for grab, of course Amanda gets the first offer but if not interested will be for anybody who are interested... I will change the header to go with your template. Despite of everything though, i still will carry on with my coming auction (3 column Template) I am open to any suggestion to make my auction available to only serious bloggers.

Today, i changed my template, i am back to bloggers comment system, i have nothing against intense debate still my favorite comment system but i want to use the full potential of blogspot since i am blogging about bloggers tips and tricks so might aswell use the whole system.

I am thinking of white post background but i will definitely will change my header, and the footer.

Please let me know if you find problem with my template while dropping and reading.

Last thing: I will be having a clean up with my links to replace with new ones. Please let me know if your interested of exchange links and wanted to be added to my list.

Update: This Header Auction is already Taken by Amanda...She is very interested in it...Thank you very much Amanda. It's a smooth transaction and she is very professional to deal with. Please wait for my next auction it's a Whole Template.

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John Sullivan said... at 6/9/08 18:11

site looks nice hey why dont you go by my blog and take a peek and see what you can do ?
We'll work something out.
Also I'd like for you to check out one of my projects it features up and coming bloggers and I'd like for you to consider adding your profile Thanks
ps let me know Thanks

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