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My Friends Enjoy my DoFollow List

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I think time run so quick, the next time you know you need to make another post, i sometimes feel like i can't keep up with blogging anymore. If you're one of my followers and read most of my post you might noticed that some of my post are my old post -- my reason of doing that is that because i was using 3rd party comment system and lately i decided to make the most of blogspot to show the result of some hacks, tricks etc...another reason is that some of my visitors miss my other post, even though i have related post at the bottom of every post i think it still great to re-post them. I am not sure if some blogger have problem with that but in my own opinion their is nothing wrong with it.

Anyways, lets get to the business. Some bloggers already displays their list of users who follows their blog and i am one of them -- my followers get a follow link which is counted towards their page rank because i removed the nofollow tag. It's a great incentive to your followers isn't it.


Here's my instruction of how to easily check if the link is nofollow: Right click to any image of my "Blogging friends" then scroll down until you find the "PROPERTIES" click it and it will open to new window which called Element Properties if the link is nofollow you will see under the link properties relation: nofollow if the no follow is remove you won't see this tag.

I hope i did not confuse you, gush! i think i confused my self with my explanation. just let me know so i can elaborate more.


Easy, just follow this simple step and your done. Important: save your template before you start.

  2. Tick Expand Widget Templates then hit ctrl+F type Followers1 or you can type rel='nofollow' (The dis-advantage of this is that you might have other nofollow that you don't want to remove instead of just the friends list) it depends of which your comfortable of doing.
  3. Then, look for this code rel='nofollow' and remove them
  4. Preview and if it loaded alright then save.
It is great to check the result if the nofollow tag is being removed -- just follow the same explanation above about how to check nofollow tag and if you won't see the relation: nofollow anymore then your doing a great job.

Congratulation and inform your reader so that you will get more followers.

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Christina the coffee lady said... at 28/9/08 16:41

I tried it. Does the NoFollow really matter. It links to blogger profile. Not to the blog itself? Just wondering.

Melissa Erickson said... at 29/9/08 02:14

Making the followers list NoFollow just gives Blogger links. This means you are giving away links to a website that is already big enough. The followers list is good for visibility but it does not help anyone with links.

Iris said... at 29/9/08 10:10

@ Christina, Thank you for bringing this up to me, i never notice it until your comment gezzz...silly me.

@ Melissa, I am not giving away link to google -- it goes to your own profile page which in my own opinion is also a great exposure of your profile page because that is where it shows your followers and the rest of your blog but you have a good point for visibility but not with links though.

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