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Increase Your Traffic By Changing the Title Tags of your Blog

17 comments Buzz Here
You may have not noticed your title tag above, until you read this post -- but for some bloggers who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) they have tried to do different hacks just to enjoy the benefit of the Search Engine traffic.

Blogger came up a very simple hack and you can follow this easily. I found this hack from Amanda's and i would like to share it here.

Before This Hack:
Blog Title: Post Title (See photo below)

After this simple hack:
Post Title (Direct hit to your keywords)

Blogger Buzz posted their Updates and Bug Fixes for May 9th and this includes the simple fix of title tag.

Layouts now has a blog.pageName datum that gives the name of the current page without the “[Blog Name]: ” prefix that blog.pageTitle adds.

Most of us bloggers are no longer use the default template instead we use the third party template. I am using Amanda's Blue Steel Template from and i am an avid fan of her, she works very hard of her blog and every blogger user can appreciate every post she made.

Anyways, just follow this very simple hack and your done.
  1. Go to your blogger Dashboard, click Layout, then Edit HTML
  2. Find this tag <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
  3. Replace the whole tag with the following

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>

  4. Save your template
Important: Make sure you replace the whole Title tag with the code given or else the word Title will show like i do when i first try this hack.

Once you've done this hack you can start seeing Only your Post Title, blog name removed.

This will increase the chance of capturing the search engine's attention, of course with proper use of keyword and you will benefit the extra traffic it brings to your site.

If hope your find this simple hack helpful and Enjoy!

Blogger Buzz

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mozilla said... at 21/9/08 16:35

Thanks for this tips, Im changing my blog ringht now to see how it work :)

Allure said... at 21/9/08 19:58

Thanks for the tip. I have already edited my HTML.
Great job!

BK said... at 22/9/08 01:01

Thanks for the tips. I do hope it helps with the search engine. I tried using the code on my wordpress blog and naturally it didn't work. So I did a little change to the code and it worked well. Thank you.

Mik said... at 22/9/08 15:33

Cool added it to my Blogger blog, thanks for that.

Ann said... at 23/9/08 20:04

Thanks for the great post! I've now edited my HTML, hopefully this will help and is also a great incentive to make blog titles creative using keywords.

Varun said... at 24/9/08 13:41

That is an excellent tip! I've edited my HTML and hopefully the search engine crawlbots will like what they see :)
I made 1 change though,instead of removing the index title completely, I left it there,after the post title

data:blog.pageName - data:blog.title

will that affect any potential traffic gains?

Robin and Emz said... at 24/9/08 20:07

you have a very informative blog.. dropped on your ec. hope you can visit my blog and drop on mine too. thanks!

janmck said... at 24/9/08 22:37

hi! very useful! thanks! dropped my EC again here! nice blog as always! thanks!

Iris said... at 25/9/08 07:24

@Varun, I don't think it will affect your potential traffic, i actually like the way you did it.

DJ said... at 25/9/08 11:30

Wow, that was easy! thanks, learning something new everyday!

Robin and Emz said... at 25/9/08 21:21

thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the link for the flash label cloud=) it's didn't work for my family blog but it did work on my niche blog. Salamat!

Pete said... at 27/9/08 10:00

You make it look so simple. Thanks for making it so easy to understand!

Angie said... at 4/10/08 04:13

Thanks for the tip! I can see where this would be help and have edited the HTML on all my blogs.

Anneth said... at 31/12/08 07:38

It's so great. I have other important technics for you all. Please try.

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