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Cleaning Up my Entrecard Favorite

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I procrastinate a lot and i have this really old plan to clean up the list of my entrecard favorite which finally have done it -- i removed the ones that are no longer active and replaced my favorite blog that are active in the community because i am going to drop them everyday, i am using the entrecard toolbar now because i noticed that it making my dropping more faster .

I always started with my favorite then reciprocate what is in my inbox which i can't reciprocate to all of you guys but i always priorities the most popular then the rest, if you ask me why? because this are droppers who put an extra effort, please, please, please don't get me wrong with giving priority of dropping but it's my strategy but i am always open to listen to what your point of view guys.

I would like to thank you my top dropper for the month of September, another link love coming your way guys, this is one reason i use my favorite aswell because i want to be one of top dropper -- anyway here they are ad please pay them a visit aswell; they all have dropped 31 days here are TBN.

So, what is your dropping strategy? i wonder if you agree with me prioritizing my recipro dropping. I thought before that reciprocate everyone in my inbox is fine but i noticed that i passed the opportunity of getting free link from other site which very useful for my site...and so i started my favorite list.

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ImitationAngel said... at 5/10/08 11:35

I usually received about 200 drops a day so I'm able to drop on my favorites then reciprocate to those who drop on me. When I advertise I usually get over 300 drops and when that happens I usually drop on my favorites, those who regularly drop on me, then I drop on the rest until I reach my limit. After that if there are any people I didn't get a chance to drop on I will add them in the next day.

Kloggers/Polly said... at 5/10/08 14:26

What I have noticed of late and it is worth a check - is that I have dropped on blogs via my favourites and inbox and then taken a look at the listings on 'most popular' where your visits are recorded by turning green. I found that some of my visits had not turned green - so - I re-visited blogs the drop sign had returned back in the box which required my dropping again.

So I would advise - take a quick check and make sure blogs are registering drops.

Like you I try to reciprocate drops - it is not always easy. Thank you for displaying my avatar and blog link. :)

Iris said... at 5/10/08 15:13

Really? i haven't noticed that yet, thank you for the info, i sure will definitely check it...I wonder if that because you close them quick and have not given enough time to load and credit your drop?

When i drop, i don't close them yet until i got the confirmation that i am credited with my might want to check it and if still you still notice the same then i think it worth informing phirate because it's a waste of our time isn't it.

Cafe_Cafe said... at 5/10/08 17:38

I have close to a hundred blogs in my favorites (included yours). All of them have the Top 10 droppers widget or they usually post once a month their top droppers list.

I start with my favorites, then my inbox for the day following the most popular criteria. If I still have drops available I just continue with those in my inbox from the day before.

Regards and thanks a lot for the link.

Iris said... at 5/10/08 21:59

@ Cafe-Cafe,

Thank you for constantly dropping and adding me to your fav list, i also included my top 10 dropper in my favorite list so i can reciprocate too.

Jacqueline said... at 6/10/08 01:45

I usually start with my favs then I branch out. Thanks for the tips.

Miss Crystal said... at 6/10/08 05:44

I totally agree, just never thought of using my favorites (new to this all). I do find the Entrebar really helps a lot. Heck, I can open up 10-30 tabs at once and drop like crazy. I am going to use my favorites from now on instead of bookmarking. Thanks for the tip! (And yes you are the first one to go on my favorites, lol.)

Iris said... at 6/10/08 08:11

@Miss Crystal,

I only use bookmarking as saving the blog site that i want to post a comment -- this saves your time and effective.

Thank you for adding my site to your favorite list i will add you too since i just clean up and have remove the not active blogs.


melai said... at 6/10/08 12:31

Did you do your theme yourself sis? I like it more :) it's clean and very bright. I really love white templates :)

Iris said... at 6/10/08 13:38

Hello Melai, yes, it's not done yet but i decided to make it more brighter this time. I love your template too i visited your site and it's so neat.

Gazza said... at 6/10/08 19:04

When I first started using the toolbar, I added a load of sites that weren't favourites, but were easy to locate the widget on. I've since realised that this isn't the most effective method, so I've started to manually go through the favourites, and have created a spreadsheet that have different criteria on - e.g. drops on me in last 30 days, shows monthly top droppers, permanently shows top droppers, shows regular droppers, above to fold, has left a comment on my site, their drop rank, etc. All of these have a weighting (so I consider their widget being above the fold more important than their drop rank) which can easily be changed. There's also a link to each site. Once I've entered 300 card details in to, then I can order them by their overall score, then start dropping on sites at the top, working my way down.
I plan to update this list once a month or so and then update the EC favourites from this list. That way, I can still use the toolbar, but I know I've got the ones I want to drop on, in that list.
Of course, if EC would add groups to the Favourites, then some of this wouldn't be necessary!

Web-Betty said... at 7/10/08 00:47

I actually start with my ads. I first drop on my ads that are running, then I drop on all of the ads that are coming up. Then I drop on my pending ads.

Once my ads are finished, I drop on the blogs in my ad queue. Then I go to my favorites and drop on them.

Once all that is complete, I make time through my day to reciprocate the drops in my inbox. I don't have 300 (yet), but maybe I'll get there.


Justin Wright said... at 7/10/08 07:09

I usually try to reciprocate first, then I just start dropping on random blogs. However, my dropping has been pretty low lately since I have been busy doing other things with the blog.

Lux said... at 8/10/08 14:09

Thank you for the link - I've been meaning to say that! I start with Top Droppers, then favorites and try to return from my inbox then.

That spreadsheet sounds like a good idea, because I get confused sometimes!

Dan N said... at 8/10/08 16:57

Though I am relatively new to entrecard , my strategy has been to make sure I reciprocate my drops in the inbox first then go to my favorites. I have yet to reach 300 favorites so I don't have the same problem as you yet.

Gem said... at 8/10/08 18:19

I never drop using my favorites list. I just use them to keep track of bloggers that had connected with me and those blogs that are of my interest - I usually comment in their blogs.

I make it through 300 per day on each blog. I have two blogs promoting through EC at this time.

Like you I start off with my top droppers, then I drop off cards to those who dropped a card the day before. For the rest, I use the EC toolbar to drop to other popular blogs in related categories.

Worked out for me.

capybara said... at 14/10/08 03:06

I am similar to you in that I drop from folders of my favourites. I drop 300 a day and weed out the non reciprocating blogs regularly and add the more popular ones. The EC toolbar is a great feature as you can usually tell by the AD price if a blog is a regular dropper.

Gilberto Galea said... at 15/10/08 17:13

Well, I begin with EC, and I found great blogs. I like your style, and keep grow to blog world.

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