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How To Add ScrollBar To The Sidebar

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I find this very useful to those Bloggers who would prefer to put their list of link in the sidebar. For bloggers even though blogspot have no potential of adding another page with the help of talented bloggers we can now do it, please read my post How not to show Post Date When You Make Your ABout Me Page -- this is if you want to ad your link in your navigation page but for those who want the list to be seen in their sidebar then here's my tut's for you.

Entrecard is very Popular of connecting each blogger and now each blogger created a great list of friends, drop list and so on...

Here is how to add a scroll bar to save some space of your sidebar.

  • Go to your Dashboard, Layout, Edit HTML.

Reminder before we start: Always download your template for safety reason.

  • Type Ctrl+F type sidebar content
  • Copy this code below right after the /* Sidebar Content */
/* Sidebar Content */

then save.

That LinkList1 (Color Blue) Replace them with the title you name of your list example: when you add the widget you title them as "Drop List" then that's the word you replace -- but to make it safe and to save more time of errors here's what to do.
  • Edit HTML - tick the Expand Widget Templates
  • Ctrl+F type <div id='sidebar-wrapper'>
<div id='sidebar-wrapper'>
<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
<b:widget id='Subscribe1' locked='false' title='Subscribe To' type='Subscribe'/>
<b:widget id='LinkList1' locked='false' title='' type='LinkList'/>
In my sidebar-wrapper it shows that the id in that sidebar are Subscribe1 and LinkList1 -- Linklist is what i named my list so i copy the "LinkList1" (Blue) then paste it to my sidebar content, you can change the height according to your liking.

This scrollbar toturial is only apply if you want to put scrollbar to only one widget, if you want more than one widget or the whole sidebar of even within your post then we added another code but that's for now i hope this helps and find it useful.

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Momstart said... at 3/12/08 09:25

I was looking on the web how to do this and I couldn't find it. I think I was using the wrong key words. So, I could use this code to share my button with people?

Iris said... at 3/12/08 12:52

Yes, you can use them to show the link list....just follow the instruction above.

chewmoney said... at 7/12/08 14:15

Thanks. Very useful tip that I haven't seen elsewhere.

mirage2g said... at 23/12/08 05:44

This means I have to have a linklist? I copied all my list on notepad, now I'm just too lazy, thanks anyway.

klivengood said... at 21/2/09 21:31

thanks for this info. I was really amazed with scrollbar on the side bar. I was asking myself, how did they do that, and there you are posting the "how to add Scroolbar..."Thank you so much for sharing this. Happy blogging.

sweet dreams said... at 8/3/09 09:17

awesome, been wanting to do this for ages. great simple tutorial. cheers folks.

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