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Time to make money again, SocialSpark is open for business

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Izea the parent of PayPerPost have done it again, SocialSpark is another way for blogger to earn extra money.

Ted Murphy the founder of Izea has posted in the Izea Boards "You are free to speak your mind"
Now that the cat is out of the bag you are all free to speak your mind here, on your blog, at the water cooler, at the beach... wherever. If you have something to say about SocialSpark have at it. We still have a ton of things we are working on but the framework for what I believe to be a revolutionary new platform is there.
I got an email awhile ago inviting me to join socialspark as always i got curious especially when it comes with new opportunities and to cut the long story, i joined (I am glad!).

What is SocialSpark?
I want to make it as short as possible it's a "Social Networking for bloggers and advertisers" there, i don't think it's short enough :) I am not really good into social networking, but this is different from what we have known social networking. It's a matchmaking between blogger and advertisers. I remember when i visited Izea boards there is a Postie Den and Advertiser Den from there advertiser and postie can communicate. SocialSpark put both advertiser and blogger in the same level.

As part of the network you can see the statistics of a certain blogger. The open analytics platform of SocialSpark helps the advertiser to see the actual traffic and demographic data of blog you sponsor. Name you price and you can decide if you accept the bloggers request or not. It more of interaction between you and the blogger (Communication is always a key of greater relationship).

It's you time to show off your content, your readers, your traffic and give as much information as you can about your blog. Every link in your post is no follow, meaning you are safe from Google. You are required to put a disclosure badge in your post of you don;t get paid (Fair enough!)

SocialSpark Code of Ethic
100% tranparency - Every participants is viewable from advertiser to blogger even Ted Murphy.

100% Real Opinions - Speak your mind or blog your mind. It's in the advertisers agreement that bloggers or the approved bloggers are free to say anything about the brand or product, no restriction if the product or service is ugly or not that helpful say it. This makes the post unique and un-bias

100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
- Strict Full disclosure. Badge should be place or you won't get paid. This is to comply the disclosure requirements of
FTC and WOMMA guidelines.

In the press released made by Izea:
"SocialSpark's disclosure requirements exceed the WOMMA-approved Code of Ethics for human disclosure and the Google-approved quality guidelines for machine disclosure," said Murphy. "In fact, SocialSpark offers the industry's only audit tool for advertisers needing to manage social marketing disclosure in accordance with corporate, government, industry or search engine disclosure guidelines."
100% Search Engine Friendly - We all love this. After the Google fiasco which hurts many of the postie, SocialSpark is designed to protect both advertiser and bloggers.

My Conclusion:
As much as i love PPP because it helps me pay my bills, i find it very favorable with SocialSpark. So far i am happy with the system and service they provide, have not seen any negative yet! and i hope it stays that way. Ted Murphy and the whole team of Izea and not to forget the advertisers should be given a credit for helping the D-list blogger earn the extra amount of money. If you have not joined yet, then now is your time...i know you don't want to be miss out of this great opportunity

Addendum: You can treat PPP and SocialSpark as two separate way to earn money, meaning you can now double your earning whenever you can.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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