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Bloggers: Change your comment system for better

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How much do you love discussion? What about reading and answering comments? I love reading comments...i am always excited to see if someone commenting on my post, sometimes when i am reading someone else's post i read the comments of other people aswell but there's one thing that attract my attention most of the time especially the WP users and would like to have in my blog and that is the comment form.

I was trying the hack that jackbook have in he's blog but i have problem looking at the code in my html, i cannot place the code. While dropping i came across one blog, i can't remember anymore what site is that, if i can, then i can give the site a link love for bringing me to

What is Disqus?
This is a third party comment system. At the moment you are probably using the comment system of Blogger or WP; can make your comments more interactive to your readers, they are not just leaving a comment but instead as participant of the discussion, there are few extra widget that you can add to your site to give an additional information to your reader and so they can join your community, That's right your own community.

How it work? will take your comment and save it to, they will then create a profile of your commenter. You commentators have an option aswell to claim it and so that they can have there own identity etc...but for better understanding i would like you to take a little tour, it's not going to take long but surely will give you the full idea.

There is an option of blog integration, you have an option to what platform is your blog belong to, WP, Bloggers, Typepad, Movable Type, Tumblr. or if you have the full knowledge of custom integration you can just copy the Javascript code, i choose the other option though it's less complicated. You can look at the buzz community page to give you the full idea and see if you like to switch your comment system to

Widgets to add to your blog:
  • Recent Comments - which gives you an option to show their avatar or not; X-small (24px) to X-large (128px)
  • Popular Threads
  • Top Commenters - Again an option of avatar and orientation which if you want them vertical or Horizontal.
  • Combination Widget - This is look like a view tab all the widgets are combined.
It's worth a try if you ask me. I love the system and Jason and Daniel Ha (Both founders are very approachable) I have some issue and they communicate professionally.

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