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What's wrong with sub-domain?

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How many times you read this? "If your serious about blogging then you should get your own domain and self host your blog" i also read some response from other bloggers where they cannot understand why other bloggers are pushing you to buy your own domain and self host your site instead of sticking to Dot blogspot or Dot wordpress; There's one commenter wondering and ask why, What's wrong with the sub domain?...some really did not understand at all.

I have asked myself this kind of questions too! honestly what's wrong with using the sub-domain? Does it change the way i blog? Does it make me a better blogger? Does it attract more readers and subscriber?

Still using sub domain but recognized and Popular?
Yes! you heard me right, there are bloggers that are still using Dot blogspot, Dot Wordpress, Dot Typepad etc... and become one of the world's 50 most popular blogs. I will give some example below, this are the sites that are "Powerful" and yet still using dot blogspot sub domain.
  1. - Hey! look blogspot user, number 20 form the list.
  2. - Girl with a one track mind, interesting and yet another blogspot user. Number 24 from the list, even made it above
  3. - Happy Meal, Happy blogger. Sitting in the 34 from the list.
  4. - Bitchitude!? number 47 from the list.
This are blogspot users still and manage to pull their name and become one of the worlds most popular blog. Blogging is all about how you make yourself towards success, not by domain, or hosting.

If your main reason for blogging though is to make money then the subject is going to be really different because their are advertisers who hired bloggers to promote their sites where they want a site with much higher PR, they don't care if you are using sub domain from free hosting, but some are very strict and want their site to be seen only from sites or blogs that have their own domain, with PR, lower Alexa ranking including technorati and most of all subscribers.

I understand that when you buy your own domain and have your own hosting, you get the full control over your blog, you get much more credibility (does it?) your site looks more professional and more still can, with free hosting and sub domain.

My Conclusion:
This is my point of view and my bottom line: You don't need to listen to what other blogger have said like "If your serious or not" it's all up to you, domain name cannot change anything, the way you blog or anything at all. Just look at the site above, they are happy with what they got and recognized as one of the most popular blog, some have written there own books and even spent much time on bestseller lists; Listen to your self instead, make some effort of creating a great content.

What's wrong with sub-domain?
For me here is nothing wrong at all, i don't see the difference. But to those that can pin point why not share it. I am an open minded blogger.

So what do you think?
You might have other view about sub domain...why not share that, it helps a lot for those who don't understand, start the discussion.

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