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Snapbomb an additional way to earn easy money

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This is my additional ways to earn easy money online on my list.

Snapbomb, is another site that will help you earn money by blog advertising and all for the advertisers who want to market their site using blog marketing.They have a system that so easy to navigate for both bloggers and advertisers. They have updated the level of targeting so that when the advertisers make their campaign they have an option if they want to set some requirement for the bloggers or not.

How to join:
It's so easy to join snapbomb, all you have to do is create an account their is no waiting moment, add your blog then snapbomb will automatically calculate the value of your blog -- which is very useful for you to get more opportunity. They calculate the value through your audience size and reach, popularity, quality and feedback of your post, what really great is that the value is updated everyday therefore their is a fair play here, if you're blog gets more popular you get more opportunity with highest pay. You can increase your value aswell if you make

Payment Option:
You will get paid through Paypal and check. Payment will out every 1st and 16th of the month, though you have to wait until your amount reaches $25 to get paid, but this is quick if you have good value.

You have all the freedom when you join snapbomb, you get to choose what opportunity you want to make and build some buzz, you can write anything you want as long as you follow the campaign instructions of the advertisers and because it must be original content. Quality and Quantity is really important because Advertisers then rate your post and that will help you get more opportunity because it's one that will help you to quickly increase the value of your blog.

If you want to know more about snapbomb you can read the FAQ below:
If you are an Advertiser and want to know more read the Advertisers FAQ
If you are a Blogger and want to earn easy money read this Bloggers FAQ

I hope you find this helpful and you can start earning money.

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Andreblog said... at 5/4/08 03:08


I member of SnapBomb to but until right now, I always fail to get money, maybe you could tell to me, how to be active in snapbomb


Joseph Ratliff said... at 7/4/08 00:25

I didn't even know that Snapbomb existed until you pointed it out. Thanks for the tip.

Joseph Ratliff

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