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Google Analytic VS Entrecard - Do we have to compare?

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Traffic Result is what i am meaning here. Do you compare your Google Analytic traffic result with your Entrecard result?

I am so popular with Entrecard today it's my most successful day so far, i am even at the top 30 Popular Entrecarder; oh! i am so excited to see my Google Analytic and see what it say's -- then your analytic traffic sources overview the result is shocking it's below than what you expected; Sounds familiar?

Why does the Google analytic result is different?
In comparison with entrecard, Google analytic have a very different method of tracking visits to your page.
In Analytics, if a user comes to your site twice within thirty minutes without closing their browser, they'll register as one visit. Other web analytics solutions may treat this behavior as two visits, depending on their definitions.
Entrecard is per card drop.

I myself questioned this, i thought that Google analytic will be way more higher result since they track the whole visit including referring sites, search engine visits etc...but to my surprise it even have lesser than what's expected.

I have not deeply research the comparison about the two, but this explains that we cannot compare the result of our Entrecard result to Google Analytic, they used a very different methods of tracking our visits.

Your input is really important, if you want to add more please do so and start the discussion.

I have problems with my site; but, before i fixed it (Which is a very simple solution, argggh!) i made a lot of additional problem which ended me of changing template. Anyway, to credit my commenter about this topic i decided to post it here aswell so that the rest can follow the discussion.

Jude: Google counts both, but if someone has several accounts and you are on all of their drop lists then however many times that person comes and drops they will be counted as only 1 unique visitor and they also lag behind other counters such as sitemeter and get clicky.

Haney: One thing I dont like about Entrecard is that, most visitors are not quality ones. That means most of them just skim through, not bothered to read or comment on what you had posted, and just drop their cards. That's how some can drop 300 cards per day.

Michael Aulia: That is something new to me :| I thought just by looking at the Entrecard traffic source in Analytics, will be equal to the total of Entrecard traffic that you got?

Guys, i am really sorry i lost the link to your site, if you can please give me your URL (Haney and Jude) so i can link to your site. I appreciate your time of commenting on my site and that is all i can do at least.

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