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Why is it important to leave blog comment

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Before, when i just started blogging i don't bother leaving any comments. I am so busy looking at my site. I have read a lot of blog but i did not bother leaving a comment i couldn't be bothered "Why bother anyway?". There are times where i type a comment but i change my mind and leave the site without posting it, this happens many time.

I have posted about "your post don't get comments, should we blame droppers?" last week and the response are incredible. I have read a lot of reasons why our fellow blogger not leave a comment, i supposedly will post all the great comment but i have a little problem at the moment with my comment system and i cannot locate the rest of the comments; I am hopeful that it will be fixed soon, i am glad i have one comment from Rachel of which i would like to share -- this is what she say:
Rachel: I don't drop and comment on every blog I visit. Either one because their latest post doesn't offer me a good chance to post a comment. On some topics I have nothing to say, or because I just don't have the time.

However if I find a blog to be useful and have good content I usually stop and say something such as yours. I even made a post about this on the entrecard forums called drop and comment.

I would rather have a comment from someone who has something to say instead of someone who just feels obligated. I don't really care too much what entrecard does to my bounce rate, although it hasn't been good. I just like the fact that my blog is getting out there more.

I totally agree with Rachel. This is just an introduction because i want to share how i get people commented in my site and i hope that this will work with you aswell, i don't see why this can't. Aside from posting a post that are worth reading, we also need to go out and promote our blog.

Why is it important to leave comment?
This is important, in this world give and take still exist and still very useful tool. I am not saying to be oblige of leaving a comment because that contradict with what i just agreed from Rachel's comment "On some topics I have nothing to say", but be sure you leave comment everyday. When you comment even just one blog everyday this leaves a trail of you. Most of the time i noticed when i leave a comment, the blog owner visit my blog as well and leave a comment not a crappy one but genuine comment (They return the favor sort of thing) although we all know it does not work that way but it's a good gesture and good start of good relationship with your readers and vice versa.

Although, there are times some blogger where you leave a comment in there site and have not returned the favor that is because of some reasons, they might have nothing to say (Been this situation too!).

U comment, I follow
Many blogger have now removed their no follow code, you can read my post about "Now that no follow has been removed, Sip that link Juice" this explains that when you leave a comment you get a little bit of that juice which is a big help for your PR and Technorati Authority. Most blogger laterally follow their readers to their site and do the same, they leave their comments.

It's a Blog Promotion
When you leave a comment, you are leaving a trail. Most of the comment system now will automatically grab your latest post, and that is another exposure of your post. Usually, when i leave a comment i read the comment of others, i learned from other comments too! and sometimes i click their names to know who is behind the great comment, i am sure i am not the only one doing this because i have read some discussions and that shows that other commenter's are reading someone Else's comments too, and this is another exposure.

One important reason why we leave a comment to other blog is the same reason why we drop our Entrecards to get traffic, to get known and to get readers. This is just a simple way of promotion. We even read almost every bloggers tips to do this and that! and yet we still under estimate and did not take advantage the power of leaving comments.

You Benefits, I Benefits
My practice is this, Since i drop card and open blog site's why not read there blogs and leave a comment (This is to the blogs that i find interesting), i benefited and the blog site where i read the post and commented gets the benefits as well -- It's a win, win situation.

I can say that the comments we get in our site depends on the comments we left in the other sites. I don't know if you agree with me, but if not please say your mind and start the discussion.

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Joey said... at 15/4/08 18:20

I've been guilty of not commenting a lot of times. Most times it's because I do not really know what to say at all. Thank you so much for this reminder.

Ladyhawkcj said... at 16/4/08 09:15

I agree that posting comments is a great way of getting your site noticed. I try to at least comment at least once a day. Sometimes it is more. If something is interesting I will comment on it.


Taylor said... at 16/4/08 10:42

Now that you have posted this information, I am going to start commenting on 10 blog posts around the web every day. This post happens to be one of my favorites.

I do agree with basically everything you said. Dropping and leaving a comment 300 times a day may get old, but it may be worth the while too.

Think about it, if you drop and then you leave a comment, the owner of that site will likely visit your blog. Anyway, thanks for the tips.


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