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Are you stuck of being a noob

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Ilove tweaking and because i love doing this i have done a lot of big problem with my site, but it a part of learning -- you make mistakes to learn something new and i am glad of those mistakes i made because i grow and i become a better blogger but you know sometimes it become too big to handle and gives me major headache just like this past days. I tried to use new comment system, but it didn't work properly with my template structure, i am really desperate to make it work because i really love the system but still not working even i got some help; maybe it's because of me being a total noob or what?

Anyway, talking about a noob; you know When we first enter the world of blogging this is what we usually call ourselves a newbie, a noob or any other terms associates of being a new bloggers? then after a few year you are tossing of calling your self the same or do you need to move on and take the next level of blogging.

Stuck of being a noob?
Do you feel that you are stuck of being a noob? I hope not, you know after a year of blogging -- we meet a lot of pro-bloggers where we look up to and wish we can be at the same position they are at the moment (Successful pro-bloggers) then we read there blog hoping we can learn something, follow their tips and apply it with our blog, this are the act of a newbie, a noob and still learning. This are all fine and a great step toward success, but if we still doing this and have not seen even a single changes with the way we blog then i say that we are stuck of being a noob.

Everyday we learn something new
I am a big believer of this phrase "Everyday we learn something new" and i love to see the way i grow, my improvements even as little as sesame seeds that is important improvement for me. Have you noticed something changed the way you blog when you first started and after a few year? or even the way you place the widget on your site, the template you are using, the way you value your blog? if so then you are growing and cannot consider yourself as a new person in the world of blogosphere. You see, when we just started blogging, we don't have any idea, we just place any widget anywhere, we put anything on our site (I have a little laugh at myself looking back those years, but that's normal of being new) now we learned, we grow...I have posted about abused sidebar - List of todays important widget for your sidebar, Here, i tackled about how i abused my sidebar and i included the list of what i see an important widget we can place in our sidebar because it is important that we only place the widgets that we think are important and can help us, our readers and our site.

It's okay to be a noob sometimes
I don't know if you agree with me but for me it's okay to be a noob sometimes, i feel this every now and then especially when i make mistakes but i look this as "Hey! i am growing again" i learned something new again, and it's my highway to be a better blogger and a bonus point for this is that it keep our feet on the ground (I don't know of you feel being looked down when you just started, but we don't want to look down the newbie either) we learn to respect the new bloggers because we been there.

Bloggers: Take the next level
Have you noticed in the Entrecard we have the drop rank? This is a motivation for me; When we first joined Entrecard we are ranked as "Just here for the view" then we drop and reciprocate we move our rank to "Consistent dropper with the hint of addiction" until you get to top ranked as a "Drop Master" does it sounds cool? i think it is, imagine you are ranked as a master? we can apply this with our blogging aswell, of course we cannot be called as master but we can master the art of blogging how about that! we don't want to be stuck at the bottom, we want to move up as high as we can so that our effort and our time can be justified.

My Conclusion:
If you want to be a noob (A new person in the world of blogging) then that's fine stay there, but if you want to grow, if you want to take the next level then get out from your comfort zone and take the risk, make mistake and make your blogging a new highway towards success and i know everyone have the potential, it's just a matter of how we play our own game.

So what do you think? Are still a noob or you have moved on and have taken the step to become a successful blogger?

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