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Your Post Don't get Comment, Should we blame dropper?

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Do you drop and run? oh! your a bad, bad wolf; but wait, is that where really -- the problem is, if you don't get comments on your blog? This is what i asked to myself awhile ago, i desperately like some comment...i envy those bloggers that have even at least 5 comment i even wonder it their common friends and they commenting each other -- Should i join blog catalog, mybloglog or other social networking?

Why, I don't get comments? maybe, because my post did not interest my visitors? so what should i do? I don't want to play blame game "blame game is not fun" therefore instead of looking of where to blame, i start making a content that will interest my general visitors (We can't please everyone, it's hard to please everyone) but at least 5 comments out of 300 visitors you get is a good start.

If you're going to look at my dashboard, i have improvement (Nothing to brag about) but what i am showing here is that it's possible.Experiment, look at what your visitors and readers like to read, Are your post informative and interact with your readers. Listen to what is happening, what's going on, what's the talk of the town.

This is to share what i have learned, my observation from other bloggers, the one's that i have modeled and have stalked (lol!). I question myself, why i love to read there post? Why i follow them? the solution is quite simple -- the content and we can do that too. I love to grow with my blog as well as with other bloggers. Don't limit your self, open yourself to a more broader horizon or better yet get out from your comfort zone because that is where success comes.

Please add you're do you blame me....i know you have something to say.
  • Do you blame me, if you're post doesn't interest me?
  • Do you blame me, if you're joke doesn't tickle my bone?
  • Do you blame me, if you're news is old?
  • Do you blame me, if i don't understand what you're posting?
Let us not assume that those bloggers that have dropped 300 to 600 a day do drop and run, there might be some but we cannot generalize though, but if we start finding the reason our own blog maybe we will see that it's still depend with our effort and how we choose our topic, and if we really don't get comment to that topic try again next time, but this time make it better.

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Marie said... at 7/4/08 11:53

I think a lot of sites may also ask this same question. The only answers I can offer are these: Ask yourself, when you drop your cards on other people's sites, do you read and make comments on their site or every site you visit? If not, then why is that? I think if you can honestly answer this question, you may find your answer/s. And also remember people are different and have a different perspective on what it is they want to achieve each day.

LizzyT said... at 7/4/08 22:38

Whenever I drop I always read the blog, usually the latest post, but I do have a quick look down the page to see if anything catches my eye. I don't always leave a comment though.

Stepterix said... at 7/4/08 23:35

I too think it is wrong to blame the visitor for not commenting. If an article provokes thought it will provoke comment. I am not offended if nobody comments on one of my posts, but I am gratified if they do.

Also, I would rather have a few well thought out comments than dozens of comments that say little more than "Cool post, d00d"

I drop like crazy and rarely make any comments. When I do it is because I have read an exemplary post and wish to acknowledge that. I am not going to comment on posts that are merely regurgitation of other peoples work.

p.s. I also don't make comments that often because they turn into essays... like this one has.

Sheta said... at 8/4/08 00:37

Contests put me off. I like thoughtful or funny content. I like to read about people or interesting hobbies. I hate anything that smells like promotion.

I read yours! :)

TripTheLady said... at 8/4/08 11:43

I always read but seldom comment - partly because I read while I'm at work ;)

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