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Drop, Read and Post - Learn to balance and be an effective blogger

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We are all aware that posting a great content is very important, For serious and pro-bloggers it took time and time to research about the topic and even creating the whole content.

In the other hand, Entrecard provides us a very effective system that brings traffic to our blog through dropping. I can say effective, because our Alexa really is gone down fast (Not sure now, that they have new algorithm though) especially, when you drop 300 a day and very active with entrecard. Your post get comments, you get subscribers and you can also discover sites that have the same interest as you and create some great relationship.

You work hard, you get rewarded -- we all knows that! but my question is does dropping 300 a day, eating too much of your time? Do you find it hard to manage to drop back or reciprocate to your droppers and also, you don't have time anymore researching and reading the post of your favorite blog.

I was thinking how hard would it be for those that are working and at the same time have passion blogging and dropping. If you find it hard to drop, post and read try this ways to get the balance and you will become an effective blogger.

  • Drop: Multi-task - During night while watching tv, reciprocate everyone in your inbox. then next use powerdropping, is effective because system of dropping saves you so much time blog entrecard is placed above the fold no scrolling needed, you will definitely make it to 300.
  • Read: Subscribe to your favorite blog using email - Sometimes we religiously reads our favorite bloggers blog for whatever reason it would be (it gives you an idea of what to blog or you take them as your mentor and helps you grow and become an effective blogger) it's all up to you. Subscribing via Email is really handy because you will get the time to read even if your at work (During coffee break) it's your chance to read the new post or your favorite bloggers.
  • Post: It is advisable to post everyday - When you just started blogging it is, but when you have been blogging a little while there is an exception, i am not sure if you agree with me but i think it's good to leave it a for at least one to two days not posting for other bloggers to catch up and that way it gives you time to research and prepare for the next post.
I would like to add about the post as well that, It is good for your regular dropper because that means it saves them time dropping, they don't need to stop and read your post i know you think that it bets the purpose of blogging but for me it's balancing between your post and blog and your readers and your droppers too! For me i really don't mind visiting a blog that have not updated their post for at least 1 to 2 days but more than that, i start thinking of what's going on especially when the blog owner didn't reciprocate my drop, sometimes i conclude that this blog is dead lol!

So what do you think?

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Ladyhawkcj said... at 24/4/08 05:43

I think it is a good idea about leaving a post up for a couple of days. I know that everyone can't read it all on the same day. It does give me some time to think about what I am going to write about next.

Moki said... at 24/4/08 09:54

I would agree that it can be kind of hard to balance everything. I often times leave my post up for a day or two. If gives me timet o catch up and think about what I am going to write next!

curryegg said... at 25/4/08 17:22

I always believe that if we don't have anything to blog, then don't blog. Or else, the post that we produce will be meaningless or unattractive. I like the way you blog- the way you delivery your idea is really good. Thank for visiting my blog and dropped your card..

And thank for these tips too!
Nice to meet you.. :)

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