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Should we be worry about Bounce Rate?

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Should we really be worried about bounce rate?

Some blame it to Entrecard,Why? People will visit the site just to drop their cards after that leave without visiting other pages. You probably have read articles about Bounce Rate because it's the talk of the blogosphere, it's sometimes a worries of most bloggers but some say's they stop worrying now and "so what, i don't really care" and "Screw It!" just like Page rank say for example, some stop worrying about their PR after the slapping it doesn't matter anymore especially when their is no exact explanation about the algorithm.

There are few sites that i really have enjoyed reading about bounce rate, it become a great discussion and this helps us learn to understand of what bounce rate, should we be alarm if we have a really high bounce rate or will it be fine if we just close our eyes as if we never know about this and carry on with our blogging. I know that we all concern when it comes with our site, we should be unless we really don't care and just do this for fun. I don't think for those that spent their time and effort to make the blog site visible will just turn their back when their is an issue like this.

Below is the video about Bounce Rate: The Simply Powerful Metric - This is a video from Google, this might going to help us understand about bounce rate.

I hope you learn something about bounce rate, but before i end this post i will share the post that i have enjoyed reading as i have said before to give you more understanding and also at least you know what other saying about bounce rate.
Most of the time when we read our co-bloggers post that is where we learn and grow.

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Remi said... at 31/3/08 10:20


Great content! I came here, courtesy to Entrecard, and I spent much more time than just dropping my card. Will come again,


Mirjam said... at 31/3/08 22:43

thanks for the mentioning:)
It is so great to see something on my blog got caught onto and is spreaded around! I believe the "screw it" comment you are referring to was not really to be taken as "it does not matter" yet more of a case of "not fretting it"

You might enjoy the follow up post, where are comments are taken into regards. Sure bouncerates are to think of, but nothing to be fretting about if you understand how they work and why you are having a higher rate,
thanks for the great post, really enjoyed reading it!

Iris said... at 1/4/08 09:03

Hi! Remi, I am really glad to hear that. I am aiming now to give a more quality content so that my visitor will stay more longer. I hope to see you again.

Mirjam, I am really enjoying reading your post even the follow up post. It's true something that we should not to fret about...but it is telling us more deeply that we need to work more harder with our post, our visitor will stay more longer; It's more of motivation.

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