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Are you Proud being a Blogger?

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Are you proud of being a blogger?

If one of your friend ask you what do you do? are you going to say i am a professional blogger?

Meeting the (Non-Blogging) Parents

I will leave this as a question for you to answer, please give a little bit of your time and share you 're thought.

I will re-post this together with your answers.

What you get?
A link back to your blog (No No-follow) what the heck! why not! -- meaning, it is one vote towards your PR.

Question: Are you proud being a Blogger?

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Dani said... at 16/3/08 11:28

I'm definitely proud to be a blogger, but it's not my main occupation. All my friends know I blog and many are supportive.

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said... at 17/3/08 06:18

Well, people do ask me a lot on how I make my money online, but it's not ALL from blogging. So I usually say I manage a couple of sites that help me make money.


Mirjam said... at 18/3/08 21:33

I have been thinking about this bit quite a lot lately, even dedicated a post to it. That comic is hilarious and so rings a bell to me!

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