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Firefox add-ons that helps me with my dropping

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Entrecard is now part of our daily activity the moment we turn our computer on until the end of the day we are always dropping it's addicting it's great because it helps our site. If we work hard and drop religiously everyday our rank gets higher and higher, i see it fair for everyone. Work hard and you get the drop rank: Deeply committed - Deadly serious. A drop master.

Every Entrecarders have our own way of dropping, Some powerdropping, sitehoppin -- i have my post Drop 300 Entrecards Faster than you imagine, there are many new ways coming out just to drop our 300 cards everyday, Some reciprocate what's in there inbox, then drop all the top 3 site on each category and if there still have remaining card drop it to the recent entrecarders which i am recently doing, this is my tactics to earn better EC and get to the top rank.

All of this are not going to be easy without the tools that helps us which i have decided to share it to you, if you are not using this yet you might find it very useful because i do and use it every day.

First thing you have to do if you have not using it yet is to download firefox. Now here are the Add-ons that are helping me with my dropping everyday.

Adblock Plus - Block the annoying banners and ads. This will help you open the site faster.

How to use: As shown below.

Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper - Surely is a great helper, Fight the text ads! Element Hiding Helper is a companion extension for Adblock Plus meant to make creating element hiding rules easier

How to use: As shown Below.

Permatabs - Lock the tabs, turn the tabs into permanent tab; once you lock the tab you cannot close it with any click.

How to use:
  1. Open the right click on the tab then click Permanent tab ctrl+P.
  2. You can now start clicking to open at least 10 sites, wait till it's loads and then start dropping.
  3. Your right hand holding the mouse to drop, left hand then click ctrl+W to close the tab and then move to the next site.
  4. Do this until you finish click the first batch. Do this by batch (Depend with your connection speed).

Linky - Increase your power to handle links -- this is very useful tools if your using like powerdropping.

How to use:
  1. Open
  2. Highlight a few sites, then right click.
  3. Scroll down and click linky
  4. Click: Open Selected Links in Tabs
  5. Select the link you wish to open
  6. Open Selected links - wait until it all loads and start dropping.
  7. Then, Your right hand holding the mouse to drop, left hand then click ctrl+W to close the tab and then move to the next site.
If you work hard, you will be rewarded, Entrecarders will visit your blog, comment and even subscribe. If you didn't get comments try again next post; work hard with your post to make it more attractive and interesting so that you will get notice and kick ass. It's time to think big and show everyone that your blog is worth visiting, think that every Entrecarder that will drop their card in your site are potential subscriber.

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Cinnamon and Mike said... at 26/3/08 04:14

Yay! I thought I was the only one that opened up multiple tabs at once. I hate hitting the back button. :)

Awesome post!

moneyrush said... at 26/3/08 07:15

Hi! cinnamon and mike, nice to see you here. Yup! it's getting popular now, it's easy and fast -- helps a lot with our dropping.

Thanks for the visit, hope to see you again.

Ana said... at 26/3/08 11:18

Dropping cards is really a nice and addictive game. And luckily you can find great sites through that... Like yours! Will be back soon!

moneyrush said... at 26/3/08 20:44

Hi! Ana, Agree 100% in you...i like the entrecard works i have meet many great bloggers, read a lot of great articles and have discover many things unlimited, exposure.

Thanks for dropping by...hope to see you soon.

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