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I really love using blogger as my blog hosting -- it's easy, user friendly (click and drop) no HTML expertise needed, and most of all Free, there team keep on developing new stuff and when it's ready we can all benefit for free unlike the other blog hosting....anyway, If your like me who appreciate the love and care of blogger to all of us bloggers then it is out chance to show our support on them too!

2008 Webware 100 - Is a yearly awards program where Webware users like US (You and me) can vote our favorite Web 2.0 apps. Voting will run until March 31.

There are ten category and every category consist of ten products. You are only allowed to vote at least 3 product on each category then you can move on to other category this is to change the last years issue where Google got half of all the votes and the rest are scrambling for attention, not much of a challenge. This time they do something and hoping that there will be a tighter or close competition.

So go and Cast your vote now! and don't forget to vote for and your other favorite sites.

Winners will be announced on the 21 of April 2008, The day before the Web 2.0 Expo (April 22-25,2008) in San Francisco opens.

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