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Although many of us been blogging for so long we still not quite familiar with some terms used in the blogosphere. I will admit i am still a noob even though i have been blogging for almost a year now, But i am in progress i learn some tricks and i don't have the default template anymore, although i downloaded my template from i have added some widget using html instead of just javascript, i have changed the color of links, i have changed the Blockquote to make it look better i basically customized them and thanks to those bloggers that have shared their expertise and talent i learned a lot.

Did i say i am a noob? Yes truely is a noob, although i heard a lot about "trackback" and know exactly what it meant but i am still confuse of how to use them, and so i never use them. I only use the permalink of a certain article, thought it is going to ping back the author of the article, truly newbie aye! i am not ashame to admit that, i think it's much more better than pretending or be quite about that.

Anyway, i know you're thinking this is old but their is no old for learning -- So, this is what i have learned today; i have decided to discuss about this because i didn't think that i am alone in this world, their are some bloggers out their that are confused or not fully aware that this exist and how useful trackback is in our blog.

Trackback is an acknowledgement to the original author, many bloggers have written a really great content and we sometimes wanted to post our opinion in that matter but post it in our own blog then ping the origin of the post to indicate the worthiness of it's article. I see trackback is to communicate to the original source.

Movable Type, Wordpress etc...have already supported with trackback, blogspot in other hand have linkback it is very similar to trackback. I have here easy way of using trackback for bloggers using greasemonkey from firefox add-ons.

Here's how to install bloggers trackback in three easy steps:
  1. Download the Greasemonkey.
  2. Install the appropriate script - New Blogger use this Greasemonkey trackback Script and for Old blogger, use this script.
  3. Done, Open your bloggers dashboard create new post and you will see the trackback added, look like below.
Remember: When you put the link where you want to trackback, make sure you put "trackback" in the end of the permalink, Say you want to trackback this post, just copy and paste below:

If you are still confuse, just message me or For complete instruction/guide visit andy beards - blogger-trackback.

Now this is my very first test. I am loving every single thing i learned online and i hope for those who are like me who love to learn and who are like me that is not practice the trackback yet, i hope you learn and find my post helping.

Update: It's working and if you see below i am the 10th who trackback or pinged ande beard's post.
It's very useful aswell as handy for bloggers, you can now easily ping the original content and give the worthiness that the original author deserves.

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