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Just Copy Content from other Blogs

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Copy someone else's work is really bad...bad...bad...bad. This is what we must install (I use choose to use this word so that it stay their in every brain) in our brain; is that, even though internet is a BIG big web place you still get caught and you may ask and so what can we do about it? Unmask the thieves , i am sure no one is going to trust you after you get a bad reputation, people think that most of your content are stolen. I was reading this blog from bloggernoob Article scrappers and this is become a bigger problem of bloggers.

Spend time to think and research for an article for your blog and it's worth of your time. People will learn to love you because of your original content, you are proud because it's your hard work -- if you really like someone else's content it's easy, go leave a message, comment or send a message on he's or her entrecard and wait until you get the approval to stay out of trouble.

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Deimos Tel`Arin said... at 8/3/08 11:06

Well, downright plagiarism and referring other people's work is a bit different.

One is 100% copy, as for the other one, bad examples might be 50% copy, 50% own words.

Good ones would be re-writing the whole article in 100% own words, but crediting the original source.

moneyrush said... at 8/3/08 12:49

I am 100% agree with you deimos, re-write and credit the original source. Everyone is happy, you get the topic that you want and the source is happy for the link and acknowledge of their piece.

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