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Easy, Catchy and fun way to correct English Grammar

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I was reading the latest post of reality is over rated "you don't have to be a Grammar Nazi to be Helpful" and it's sure is fun. i decide to share this to those that have trouble with English Grammar (like me) to read this because you will learn, your English Grammar get corrected but not in the bad way but instead in a funny, fun and no dull moment way.

Give you one example; this always confuses me all the time but after i read the post it definitely helps me.

'I' before 'e'Except after 'c', Or when sounding like 'a',As in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'.
Isn't it easy?'s more fun though if you read the post.

For most country where English is not our mother tongue, we need some sort of easy to remember way of learning English Grammar...We should not be shame because "We no speak English" lol...but trying hard with open mind helps us learn the correct use of English.

Things i can't live without with my blogging?, i have downloaded from FireFox and that helps me with my blogging, It's one of my resources of English Grammar and more. You can download it from here if you want.

Actually most of the post from reality is over rated are great and fun to read no nonsense, fun for the brain.

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