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Drop 300 Entrecards Faster than you imagine

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I have listed below the ways you can drop 300 in less than 30minutes. (Depend with your computer speed, of course). I am not going to give you a lot of chit-chat, we all want quick and easy, so here's how. - Browser with-in browser. You can browse site using tag; Earn beer point for free advertising.

How to use for Entrecard Credit: Click site hoppin' found in the right upper corner, then select entrecard to tag then start you tag hoppin. - I like this...Consist of 300 fast loading sites who positioned their Entrecard above the fold to make it more faster and easier. all you have to do is lock in and click, click, click. Mask sure you Read the instructions and for more understanding.

Here is my tips though, Note: In the instruction of powerdropping you are ask to download firefox permatabs to lock in your tab and makes more faster.
  1. Open the right click on the tab then click Permanent tab ctrl+P.
  2. You can now start clicking to open at least 10 sites, wait till it's loads and then start dropping.
  3. Your right hand holding the mouse to drop, left hand then click ctrl+W to close the tab and then move to the next site.
  4. Do this until you finish click the first batch. Do this by batch (Depend with your connection speed).
Other way of doing this is by using linky - linky will increase your power to handle links which is another great add-ons from firefox, this will open by batch in two clicks and make your dropping more easier.

After you download linky and restarted your firefox, Here's what to do using linky:
  1. Open
  2. Highlight a few sites, then right click.
  3. Scroll down and click linky
  4. Click: Open Selected Links in Tabs
  5. Select the link you wish to open
  6. Open Selected links - wait until it all loads and start dropping.
  7. Then, Your right hand holding the mouse to drop, left hand then click ctrl+W to close the tab and then move to the next site.
I hope this helps you. With me because i am a mom and have two cutie to look after and family to take care...i open a few batch then leave it for a bit -- I start doing my laundry or cooking, cleaning anything that i need to be done aside from playing the kids then went back to the computer, it's done loading all the sites then all i have to do now is drop, drop, drop.

I enjoy it and i still have time to research for my next post etc....I share this because i know there are mothers like me that struggles to keep up with entrecard but at the same time wants to drive traffic to their site so i am sure this is such a big help.

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Javi said... at 3/3/08 08:51

Hi Iris, thanks for these tips. I'll be trying out that powerblogging thing. :)

And you're pinoy too! Kabayan! lol.

**"Liza"** said... at 3/3/08 15:17

ohhh wow this is great!!I have a hrad time doing drops everyday this will help me a lot. thanks for the tips i will try this.

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