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Manage your Ads using Google Ad Manager-Request an Invitation to try

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I first find out Google Ad Manager from got curious and visited the link. I have never used any software as Ad manager, so this is kind of new for me.
What is Google Ad Manager?
Google Ad Manager is a software where you can manage your Ads, inventory, traffic, ad delivery, booking, reporting and more features which you can't find from other ad manager software. This is very useful for Adsense and other bloggers Ads.

At the moment Google are only accepting by invitation, if you have not received any invitation and wanted to try their software you can request an invitation, Google then check your site and will determine if your site fits their beta launch then Google will contact you and give you an instruction of how to start your Google Ad Manager, If not they will keep your application for .

This is really great and easy way to track all your ads and can earn money effectively, why? Google Ad Manager can help you saves time and money, increase your sales efficiently.

I was reading the success story of Google Ad Manager and really like what i read, it shows how effective and easy to use their system is; would be a big help for monetization and a must for every sites.

If you are interested of applying and try the Google Ad Manager, You can Request an invitation here.

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Her Media said... at 20/3/08 15:45

Thank you for the heads up -how did i NOT KNOW that Google launched an ad sever ?!!!!

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