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what to know before your start your blog

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I was thinking this morning of what to post but i been so busy cleaning the house, preparing for the kids stuff because my step daughter and step son is going back to their mum and getting everything ready for them. My only time for myself is when they are all in bed that is the time i can think straight, read and comments some blogs and finally my time to think of what to blog about...yes blog sounds interesting but their are times where you run out of idea of what to blog, their are times that your mind does not seems to work or not creative enough.

I have here something for you to know before you start blogging.
  • Time is your worse enemy - It takes time to establish your blog, it need your devotion. If you are consistent and frequently posting your blog, your audience it is more tend to build up a bet faster, This is the major key. If you just started try to blog 3 post in a week (Remember: You are just establishing or just start making your brand).
  • Write, more write, more write - This is the hardest when your not use of writing, but at the same it's keeps you thinking a lot. I kinda love this part because it exercise my brain (Because i am stay at home mum -- I scared my self many times that my brain might get stagnant, imagine that!)
  • Are you creative - I know this is not really that important when you blog but this very helpful. You have to have an attractive blog site which as a starter you have to "do it yourself" until your ready to spend money or ready to go big. Why have to be creative? reflects with your personality, if it looks professional readers see it, if it look funky readers think you are kind of funky meaning it attract the same type of readers too!.
  • Stealing Contents - Blogger work hard with their contents, unfortunately their are some individual that lazy enough to think and write their own content instead steal someone Else's work...this happens many times and unfortunately for them they got caught. Therefore, under no circumstances do not copy someone Else's content. If you really, really like the content and wanted to put it on your site ask the owner and give him/her a link back.
Now, When your ready and have your blog running next thing to so is to Ask for some Reviews - This way you learn what other think about your blog, do not worry about negative review because this will help you grow, Ask an honest review so that you will see you weakness and work on it. There still have so many things you need to know about blogging even me i am still trying to discover them but i love every time i discover something new about blog, this is where the fun begins.

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