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Do you think clearing the history and emptying Recycling bin is enough?

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Think again, no it's not. After we clean our computer, clear the history and empty the recycling bin there still have some information that's been stored on our computer that never know of and just by browsing few key windows files there your habits are uncovered.

I was kind of shock after my sister-in law shows me the hidden files that her Dad have thought her aswell. There are times that we don't want other people know what we been doing on our computer and wants some privacy with our browsing habit. Now, you have nothing to worry anymore with the help Evidence Blaster, This is hard drive cleaner that is so simple to use by just one click your habit is gone - - Clears all the browser history, erase your browser cache, clean the hidden, locked INDEX.DAT file and a lot one can find out what you been doing online.
Don't get "caught". Get safe.
You can find out what more Evidence Blaster can offer by visiting

...Make you computer feel like brand new, tune up your computer without spending too much.

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