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UK Driving Secrets?

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I was on yahoo answer when one question caught my attention "UK Driving Secrets & other similar books. Has anyone tried them are they any good? Specifically the license saving information - i.e things to do when you get caught with the speed camera.

As we all know in US and other countries driver's must stay right to prevent accident but in country like New Zealand, Australia and some other country including UK they have to drive and stay left side of the road ... In connection to the question above -- i would say that when were driving we need to know that law, understand them so that we can protect ourselves even use it in our advantage. will have all the information that you need was written by a retired traffic police officer with over 20 years of experience knows the inside out of this business. Do you like to know more? visit their site and see what's more they offer that benefits you.

--And if you want to know some answer of the above question? Here One Say's: "I have. I've got an e-book on how to save your driving licence and such. Didn't think it would work until something happened. Read the book and followed the advice on it. Worked like a charm."

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