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Comment and get link simple as that!

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When you comment on my posts, I will give you link back to your site simple as that!

What is in it for me? We all know you have to give for you to receive.

Gain Points by commenting and get a link from this site meaning additional Technorati authority, links counts towards your Page Rank(PR), Additional Exposure without any Cost but by just commenting.

I will be starting with bloggers that commented on my blog previously.
  1. The Daily Rambler - Brad's Site, There so much in this Blog.
  2. Momo Fali - Like gumdrops for the brain.
  3. Free Blog Reviews - Love some Reviews?
  4. Book Haven - t's basically reviews on books that i've read, which are mainly romantic thrillers.
  5. LawnyDesignz - Tips, Tricks and more..
  6. Da Vinci - Fashion, Health etc...Join Da Vinci as She share's her thought.
  7. Above the Influence - Thy fate is the fate, Common to all, Into each life...
Blogs will move up as once you comments more...This will be Updated every week.

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Nita Kaye said... at 17/1/08 02:48

Hey, it looks great, hopw I can get my blogs going and looking as good.

moneyrush said... at 17/1/08 09:32

Hey! Nita,

Good Luck, If It's your passion then you are doing fine it's all about love and passion....then all will just flow like a river.


The Queen Of Frugal..... said... at 20/1/08 04:37

This is a great blog you have here. I came here via Entrecard and have discovered so many great blogs this way. ~ Julie

moneyrush said... at 20/1/08 16:32

I' m Glad and appreciate your comment...Please come back again and comment more and get the permanent link. Thanks.

BlogMeTheMoney said... at 31/5/08 16:32

Thats pretty cool that you give back to the community like this. I've enjoyed reading some of your articles. Glad to have found a quality blog like yours through EntreCard. Keep up the great work!

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