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Personalize your post using Signature

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We all know signature is very important, it signifies our individuality. In our blog post we can put signature too! Easy.

Which one is your signature?I will help you make your very first signature to add in your post, after that you can start personalizing it more.
  1. Open an account in mylivesignature. - This is an easy task. After you started you can also use, even paint or any other editor to work in your signature.
  2. Follow the simple step (Choose between Wizard or scanned image), you also have at least 120 text designs to choose from, size have fun.
  3. Right click on the signature that you are ready to use and save it on your computer or to make it easy use the ready to use code (Html or BB Code-this is for forum use).
  4. Upload the photo to any free hosting sites such as google pages, flicker etc... I used Google pages since i already have account from them.
  5. After, go to your Dashboard > Layout > Setting > Formatting
  6. Scroll Down until you get to Post Template then copy this code.
< img src="Your Signature URL">

Then Save. Now, check the result From your Dashboard click Post > Create > Compose -- This should show you signature.

Congratulation! you have done a really good job. You can now start tweaking and playing with your signature to make it more attractive or give more personalized approach (Show the artistic side of yours...What stopping you!? give your best shot or make it just plain and simple).

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Helene said... at 28/1/08 21:20

Signatures are great! And so very important in a group blog.... it's easier to identify who's who with a larger image signature versus the usually small text "posted by"

Angelika said... at 3/3/08 18:30

Thank you! I used this to finally add a signature to my posts. :-)

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