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Do you want to make money blogging?

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I am sure this is not new to old bloggers but if you're a new blogger though, here are some list of get paid to blog sites. This is site where you get connected with the advertisers and then take the opportunity to blog about their site in exchange of money..

Not in particular order, Here they are:

Payperpost - This is the most popular among all. You need to have at least 90 days, counted from your first posts with at least 20 pre-existing posts. Make sure that your archive shown on your blog in chronological order and not in categorical.

Sponsored Review - You set your own price here. You get paid every two weeks.

Smorty - Here are the criteria of smorty, if you have all of this you can start immediately and counting money in no time. Your Blog must indexed by Google and Yahoo, Your Blog must be Older than 3 months, must be active and have a history of two new posts per week.

Blogvertise - Once you have blog running and written content on your site your good to be accepted, unless your site is hate related, adult etc....they won't accept your blog. If your new, you might be under probation.

BloggingAds - Your blog must be in cached in Google's database. If your blog has no PageRank and a high Alexa ranking, it will probably not be approved.

Bloggerwave - Another way to earn money, If you are a new user and wish to become a blogger, simply register.

BlogtoProfit - The blog must be at least 3 months old with quality content and updated at least twice per week.

Reviewme - To be accepted into ReviewMe, a blog must meet a minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic. If your blog is rejected, you may want to return in a few months' time and submit your blog again.

Payu2blog - Your sign up by leaving your name, email address and Blog URL and they will contact you 2-3 days if not your blog may not meet their requirements.

This are just the few get paid to blog site. If your blogging to earn money this is your chance but if your blog is made for your business and do not want to risk the pagerank i suggest you think it twice or many times. It is known in the whole blogosphere that those bloggers that are doing paid link has been slapped by Google...the page rank's are dropped down to Zero.

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de_kerinchi said... at 20/1/08 09:09

A beautiful place here!
Excellent and inspiring post! Thank you.
have a good day....


moneyrush said... at 20/1/08 16:29

I am glad that you are inspired with my post, i hope you come back again and add more comment and i will reward you a permanent link...This offer ends up until Feb, 2008. Please check under my sticky post.

anwar said... at 6/2/08 01:25

Very unique web blog...actually some of the program you refers are not so international friendly. If you put a local language ads, you will not get verified.

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