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Money on 2008 - Do you have Financial Resolutions?

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I have made a post before the new year "New Year is now approaching" and this is my suggestions for new years resolutions...and i would like to add about money. Have you thought of making a new years resolution about money spending?

Me and my Husband have decided that this year we are going to make a resolution about our money, No more over spending because the chocolate looks yummy and it's on special lets buy three Nop! not anymore, even they are on special they are not necessity instead we will save to pay the debts before 2008 finishes...that is something that we need to achieve together and not just that, we already have started teaching our son to earn he's money by doing tasks and save it on he's jar and at the end of this year whatever the amount on that jar we will double it -- that way, he will learn the value of money and discipline.

What about you? thinking about making your money resolution?

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