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How Forums saves your valuable time

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I know the situation of most mother at home trying to find ways to earn money online to at least contribute an extra amount to our husband with all the bills including some other needs. I have ventured almost everything i can see as an opportunity for me but i failed until i settled into blogging....but what i would like to share is not about blogging.

I have joined so much that i can't even remember what site i joined in, i lost my valuable time but i learned and now i am more aware which site that helps, which one is a waste...Now, lets move on. I have stumble this few site that can help you guys (Opportunity Seeker's-Money wise) learn where to go if you want to earn money, If you join forums you can actually learn almost anything because this is where experienced or even non-experience people gathered, they already an experienced people to talk about the site and even give you detailed information and how you can earn more money about the site they involve into (This is where i miss back to the time where i was lost and trying to find money online).

I have few website here that i am sure very informative:
  1. - This is a forums where you can get information of sites that pays on time, slow paying sites, paid to write, paid to read...basically everything about "get paid to" but not just that you can also find out which site that do not pay.
  2. - This is a comprehensive of programs that pays.
Although you may be already joined some of programs just like clicking for penny or get paid to write but i suggest to join forums like this to know more and see what others have experience and save your time instead you can earn money right away knowing that the program where you just joined is really going to pay for your time.

I hope you like what you read, please let know what you think it is important for me.

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