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Feeding Both Search Engine and Readers

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SEO again, how many times have you read about this? probably too many times but did you apply it to your blog? ... i just finished cleaning up my blog site oh! actually changing the template then now i put my meta tag again.

We all know that meta tag is part of Optimizing our site, the search engine use algorithms ready for our content then read the meta data to compare to our body content that is why we need to ensure that our content is rich with keywords. But, many blogger don't understand the keyword placement ... In that case, readers wondering "What the hell are you blogging about!?" -- We have to remember that we need to feed both Search Engine and readers.

If your content doesn't make sense it turns your readers off away from your blog and this is what we need to avoid as much as we can or else all our effort is going nowhere. There is saying that "You Cannot serve two masters at the same time" will this time you have to and you can.

I have here a few tips of How to feed you Search Engine and Readers at the same time:
  1. Make your content rich with keywords, make sure that it make sense to your readers too! do not just stuff it up with keywords just for the traffic sake and your readers been left out (This is something to be avoid at, if you care to your readers that is!)
  2. Satisfy the Search Engine using enough keywords.
  3. When you make your content, take your time and think about the placement of your keywords.
  4. Do not place your keywords too close or else the search engine thinks you are spamming.
  5. Allocate enough time for writing your blog, this way you have a better placement of your keywords for search engine and quality content for your readers.
Feed your Readers with quality content and search engine at the same times is not that complicated, once you know what your doing you're on the right track. You are going to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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Jason X said... at 15/1/08 10:36

Don't worry, can't get enough of SEO because everyone has a different slant, and usually at least one tip you haven't heard before. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Erica said... at 16/1/08 03:57

Great tips! Do you use any plugins to help your SEO?

--pandi merdeka nurdiansyah-- said... at 16/1/08 09:34

heheh so is SEO that powerfull, i think content is dead now and community is the king ;) how do you think about that.

moneyrush said... at 16/1/08 11:00

Thanks for all of your comments guys, i appreciate it!

Jason, true and i alway apply whatever new tips i learned.

To Erica, no i did not use any plugins...i am using keywords and meta tags just simple Optimization, i am still learning and slowly getting there i am hands on to my technicality so whatever i learn it is from experimenting.

To Pandi, I believe on both they have different approach of bringing traffic to your blog...SEO is basing on your content, keywords etc...where are community is relationship. Content is still important to have lasting traffic.

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