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How to Make your Visitor Keep coming back for more ...

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As i said before what i have here in my blog is something i learned, experienced and most of the time i observe and try to work out things. Trial and Error is best way to success.

I have observed the only time i get comment from my visitors is when i post something that helps them learn something. Some tips, advice or information that help them with their daily blogging...

Therefore, I have here a few ways to make your visitors keep coming back for more...
  1. Update your Blog often - We all know about this, this is not something new to all of us. Always give a fresh news to your readers, make sure that when they come back their is something new for them.
  2. Reply to the comments (Positive or Negative) - Let them feel that you are listening and they are actually talking to someone in the other side of the world. I love to read every comment, i want to know the thoughts of my visitors...(Of course, spammers deleted! hello!)
  3. Write a good Quality Content - Something that educate your visitor, entertain them, make them laugh (If your not the joke type, Offer something informative) Tips or Advice always works. One comment i received from pandi (thanks pandi for commenting) from my post Feeding Both Search Engine and Readers say's: heheh so is SEO that powerfull, i think content is dead now and community is the king ;) how do you think about that....Content is still "The King".
  4. Build up a great foundation by creating a solid relationships with fellow bloggers - Some bloggers rely to the community, there so much you can take from your fellow bloggers but make sure you offer something too! in the community it's more of give and take. i really love blogcatalog.
  5. Interaction with your visitors is very important make a poll survey, contest, offers, Advice area, chat area etc..
  6. Offer something without expecting something in return. Show some love to your fellow blogger, it's a guarantee.
  7. Make your blog presentable.
  8. Put your self to the readers shoe, what do you want when you visit someone else's blog?
  9. Listen to your visitors - A Good Speaker is a good listener. Know what they want.
  10. Deliver your message Loud and Clear...What do you want your visitor to do when they get to your site? make everything accessible and click-able.
Visitors come to your blog most of the time for a reason, They come and go like a frog jumping from pond to pond, whatever that reason may be, make sure that you get their attention. If you do -- you can just sit down relax and start counting.

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Ian said... at 21/1/08 00:55

Hi - thats a good sensible set of tips you've written there.

moneyrush said... at 21/1/08 09:53

Hey! Ain,

Thanks for the comment. Hope you apply them too!

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