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Do's and Don't when asking for link Exchange

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We all know Inbound link have a very big contribution when it comes with Page Rank, the more popular your site the higher the change of getting the higher page rank.

Inbound link(Defines) - links that point to your site from sites other than your own. Inbound links are an important asset that will improve your site's PageRank

Many of the search engines they rank the certain sites based on inbound link. But, we need to know the dos and don't when we ask for link exchange.

  1. Visit, Read and understand the content of the site you want to exchange link with. See if the content is related to yours.
  2. Request an exchange link only to a relevant site if not you're effort is useless, it's not doing anything. Unless your intention is only to advertise your site to that site hoping someone will click your link.
  3. Find the name of the webmaster before you email or ask for link exchange (Use the most appropriate way of requesting for link exchange, this is necessary)...Respect to our fellow blogger is very important.
  4. If you get the name of the site owner use it to address properly on your email request, if not try to use the site name it's more appropriate than "Hi! there" or "Hello! Mate".
  5. Personalize your request. Give a genuine compliment on the webmaster site if possible, be professional. Explain on your request why you want a link it because of the the content, the site have additional information for your visitor. Explain about your site.
  6. Give the URL where there link can be seen and what is it under.
  7. Ask them the information about the link they want to appear on your site (URL, Title...etc.)Include your email and contact number where they can contact you.
  8. Take your time when creating a request, give all the information the site owner need to know to save time and tell them that you take time to research about their site too! (This means a lot) plus, this only means that you have given some effort and time and value the request.
  1. Do not request a link exchange to the site that is not related to your site.
  2. Do not refer the site owner as -- "there" (that is so un-professional) they have a name.
  3. Do not use auto-request or any software that automatically send request to sites that higher ranks (Remember: This Site owners have work their @ss off to get to the position they won't just give out the link to un-professional request)
  4. Do not ask the site owner where you requested the link to email you when they link your site -- You link them first.
  5. Do not forget to mention the URL where you placed their site or where you are planning to place the link.
  6. Do not send the email request without checking your spelling, grammar and look of your request -- Make it professional and presentable and well constructed.

Always remember that even we don't see the faces of our fellow bloggers or webmasters we still need to be professional. If you are planning to create a relationship to your fellow blogger start to clean your act, give some respect and try to be polite.

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