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easy way to Display HTMLTag in your post

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I finally find the answer to my long problem...I have a post simple steps to have your own favicon running that i need to display a html tag but because i am just a mommy that's not really good in techie stuff i manage to post it but without the html tag...anyway, this time i finally found the answer.

Many bloggers wanted to display html to their post or for some on a comment. I tried to put this on my post

< href="">KEYWORD TEXT</a>

It came out like this:

For some tag, depends with what kind of tag you are using it came out blank.

Now the solution is here: You only need to Replace below.
less than < with
greater than > with

If you have large html to display here's what to do:
  1. Paste it to your notepad.
  2. Open Edit, scroll down to the bottom until you find replace.
  3. Replace (ctrl+H)
  4. Window pop out, then fill in:
      • Find What: Place less than like this (<)
      • Replace with:
Do the same for your greater than. Save, cut and paste it to your post.
And this is the end, now you can now start posting using html tag on your post easy. My source peter chen , thank you for the very informative and useful tips.

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