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Do you have space for your money?

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When your blogging you earn money in many ways and one of that many ways is Space Advertising. But this still need so much more effort and hard work, you ask me why? because you need to wait for your ranks to go up high.

When you are thinking of advertising some space on your blog site you need to make some reports such as traffic, alexa rank, Page Rank, Link Popularity, Unique visitors etc... You need to compete although our fellow blogger are our help most of the time, okay, all the time but the competition is there "the game is always on" that what makes life sweeter and challenging.

You don't need to do all of the above anymore anyway, if you want to use some space from your site and make money use project wonderful. It's Unique way is not time consuming, you don't need to do some work and the reports about your site is all taken cared of. Bidding System so you don't need to do some work.

Although, the bidding mostly started in a cents but if you have high traffic, unique visitors of course it's fair enough that more and more will bid on your space. Many bloggers are now using this and enjoying the benefit. You get paid using paypal when the money reaches $10. If you want to advertis your site and bid on someone else site who are using project wonderful you can bid your space too!

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