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I'm not Stupid...

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This is what happen if you keep on saying stupid...

I have my 7 years old step son and my 10 years old step daughter with us for christmas and we are happy because we are complete -- me, my husband my 3 years old son, my 1 year old daughter and my 2 step kids.

... One morning while we're preparing for breakfast my 7 years old step son is outside trying to hang he's blanket in the washing line he was so angry because he can't put it in proper way and so because he's temper is rising he started to keep on saying stupid on every sentence he say ... "Stupid Blanket don't know how to stay still" and so on, while at the kitchen me and my 3 years old son heard him then my son say's:

"Mommy i am bart (This are the character of Simpsons), you are Marge, Daddy is homer, Step Sister is Lisa, Baby is Maggie and Step Brother is Stupid",

I supposed not to laugh because my step son heard what my 3 years old son was saying and say's "i'm not stupid" with so much anger voice (He cannot hold he's temper) so what i said while holding my laugh is "that is what happen when you keep on saying stupid all the time" of course i told my 3 years old son to stop it and it's not nice so he did stop but i guess that teach some lesson and yet funny in a way...i told my husband about it and have a great laugh (Without the kids of course...)

So stop saying stupid...

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