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Get Traffic to your site without spending

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Everywhere we look there are bloggers asking "where can i get more traffic?" but no matter how we shouted about it, bigging for more traffic, asking our fellow bloggers for some advice read all "how to" and yet still nothing happens only miracle can (This is most of people wants) but we all know that for us to be able to get to the top we need to work hard.

Therefore i have here some few tips on how to get traffic, this is according to my experience and some are what i have learned from reading a lot of how to's, we are all the same so here it goes:
  1. Join mybloglog, blogcatalog,Entrecard,linkreferral, and forums - Social Bookmarking and forums are very powerful because after you get connections and involve this communities you make a name, Get notice.
  2. Offer a link Back - We all know that it is important to get links to our site this is counted toward our page rank aswell but instead of offering link think of something unique, something new and value for a link back to your site.
  3. Google Analytics - There so much to learn from google analytic, this is the way to help you understand your visitors more.
  4. Submit your Blog url to free directories.
I know this is very basic but for the new bloggers this is a help, i have talk some new bloggers that never know where to start and don't want to pay for advertising because they are in the trial and error sort of thing. For the bloggers that have already settled and more experience if you have more to add, be a good samaritan why not leave it at the comment section.

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banicmanic said... at 11/1/08 04:29

The hardest part in blogging is
getting traffic. Getting at least
some traffic is almost possible for every blogger. Even with very low traffic Bloggers can make money. That’s why blogging rocks.

THANKS FOR YOUR VERY effective tips!!

moneyrush said... at 11/1/08 09:57

Hello! Banicmanic,

This is Just the beginning more hardship to come (lol) just kidding, once you fall in love blogging you keep on trying and learning that's where you grow.

So keep on blogging and Good Luck.

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