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Treat your blog like your baby

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We take care our baby From Birth, Toddlers until the age where they can stand on their own feet. We take care our Blog the moment we posted our very first post until the time that we are satisfied about it.

I remember my nephew, he's school assigned each student an egg to look after and they are going to treat it like a baby "Their Baby" meaning they are going to make sure that they won't break it, they are holding it where ever they go ... this teaches them to learn to take care something that's important to them (Egg become important to them, because their Grade is involve).

The same as our blog, if we treat our blog like our baby we feed it, post it with unique, new and interesting topic, make sure it look presentable, By joining social networking -- it's like you enroll your baby to the kindergarten to help him learn socializing. This encourage us to keep on blogging and keep on researching of what else we can add to our post and feed to our readers.

When you treat your blog as a baby and take care from the very beginning, it make blogging more fun and you will be enjoying your time even though their are some hardship you can make it.

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