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How to add no follow tag to your article

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There are so much to learn about SEO, you might want to read my post about Feeding Both Search Engine and Readers

Now, i here for those have problems with comments (Comment spam) or wans to increase page rank using "no follow" attribute -- This is basic HTML bloggers should learn, This helps you get more inbound links because search engine gives priority to those sites that have more inbound links.

There are many times to us bloggers we make some links, site links in particular -- either it's part of our article or giving an opinion on someone else's article and by just doing this we create an outbound link and that lowering the value of our article. We need more web link to our article not the other way around, We need to establish the importance of our page so that the search engine will consider our page then place our site to a better search result using keywords.

Here's the example of how to change the link:

From this:
<a href="">KEYWORD TEXT</a>

To this:
<a href="" rel="nofollow">KEYWORD TEXT</a>

When Google see's the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on the hyperlink, Those links won't get any credit when google rank the websites in the search result, this is also great if you received some comment spams -- And Also, will help you gain more exposure and better placement to the search engine.

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